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Digital Banking Revolution



Repositioning. Rebranding. Advertising.

Timo: Revolutionizing Digital Banking in Vietnam with Beacon Asia's Comprehensive Branding Expertise.

Timo, the digital bank committed to delivering a hassle-free, transparent, and seamless mobile banking experience, set out with a bold vision to lead the digital finance revolution in Vietnam. They turned to Beacon Asia to craft a disruptive brand identity and immersive experiences that would amplify their presence in the market.

Tasked with a comprehensive overhaul of Timo's brand strategy and experience, Beacon Asia embarked on a journey to create the ultimate lifestyle bank tailored for the dynamic and ambitious youth on the rise. This challenge fueled our inspiration to shape a brand identity that is not only attention-grabbing but also exudes a youthful, instantly recognizable charm.

Our creative process led us to embrace a globally recognized symbol of optimism to connect with Timo's target audience and convey the essence of the brand. Timo is not just a bank; it's an inspirational platform dedicated to empowering and enriching everyday life.

50k  signup after 6 weeks of launching the new brand

Awarded  The Best Digital Bank in Vietnam 2021 by International Business Magazine

Awarded  The Leading Digital Banking Platform in Vietnam at the Golden Dragon Award 2021

Timo Brand Video - My True Colors

Timo Brand Video - My True Colors

Credit: Timo Digital Bank

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