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Uppingham Vietnam
For The Pioneers




Viet Capital Education, an investment fund managed by Viet Capital Asset Management (VCAM) with its track record of investing in private education institutions in Vietnam, has partnered with Uppingham School, a top-ranking boarding school from the United Kingdom, to develop Uppingham Vietnam. Uppingham Vietnam will be the first purpose-built branded school with full boarding facilities in the country and will open in 2023.

Uppingham School was founded in 1584 and the transition to one of the foremost school of its time took place with the arrival of the great educationalist and one of UK’s most famous headmasters and founder of Headmaster Conference (HMC), Edward Thring, in 1853. Thring believed that the purpose of education was to find out what a child could do and encouraged his pupils to do it to the best of their ability: not just Maths and Classics but also Science, History, Art, Carpentry and Music.

Uppingham VN.png

Credit: Uppingham Vietnam

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