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Credit: NHL Seattle

The Seattle Kraken
NHL's 32nd Hockey Club



Brand Concept. Naming. Brand Story. Brand Identity.

The Seattle Kraken is a professional ice hockey team based in Seattle competing in the National Hockey League (NHL). In December 2018, the NHL approved a proposal by Seattle Hockey Partners to grant an expansion franchise to the city of Seattle. The club engaged Beacon Asia to help with naming the team and designing its crest. In July 2020, the Kraken's name and branding were revealed and the team began to play during the league's 2021–22 season.

Naming the Seattle Kraken demanded steep effort, sweat, research, dreaming, analyzing, listening to fans, respecting the region's natural beauty, sifting through 1,200-plus names, 215,000 fan votes, and no denying it, 20 months to get it right.


The Kraken brand fits the description. It honors the Puget Sound waters that surround and inspire Seattleites. It gives notice to NHL opponents that our region's team will draw strength and fury from the powerful sea. Playing as a visiting team at Climate Pledge Arena will be uncharted waters. No one knows the unnerving whole of what awaits opponents on the ice.

The Seattle Kraken logo was created in partnership with Adidas - It was built to honor the game of hockey, the incredible city, and the creature of the deep. There were three key markers when designing the Seattle Kraken uniform and deciding on the team colors: It had to be authentic, noble, and mysterious. The initial vision was to create a classic-looking mark that works in the present day too.


Credit: NHL Seattle


Credit: Seattle Kraken

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