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Credit: Los Angeles Football Club

Los Angeles Football Club
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Brand Concept. Brand Identity. Brand Story.

Los Angeles Football Club is an American professional soccer team based in Los Angeles and competes in Major League Soccer - the highest level of the sports league system in the United States. ​ With a magnificent soccer-specific stadium in the heart of Los Angeles, the club engaged Beacon Asia to develop a brand identity that would help them authentically declare themselves as the team of LA.

Beacon Asia was tasked with a unique challenge: how to design a crest that could emotionally connect to the local community and also translates to global interest. Tue and Thai consulted with Los Angeles Football Club to create the club's crest. We led a design team from New York City, Los Angeles, and Saigon to build LAFC's Brand Identity over the course of 5 months.​


" Once we knew we were in the heart of LA with our home it became easier to focus on LA as the core mark – the letters 'LA'. The real epiphany came when our brilliant designers brought the wing into the 'A'. Once that wing was sitting right in the center of the LA, it just became a long, careful process about the shape and style of the wing.  "


We hope that it becomes a cultural icon in LA. We wanted to create something beyond soccer that anyone in LA could grasp onto, rally behind, and wear with pride.


Credit: Matthew Wolff