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Credit: McDonald's Vietnam

Launch in Vietnam



Brand Launch. Brand Experience. Advertising.

McDonald's franchises American-style fast food restaurants across the world, it is also the largest restaurant chain by revenue in the world. Thai from Beacon Asia acted as Chief Marketing Officer to develop the marketing plan for McDonald's launch and expansion in Vietnam. Thai also executed a viral marketing campaign to support the launch


Vietnam has always been famous for its street food culture - delicious taste, quick speed of service, and available anywhere at an affordable price. Introducing a global experience required thorough planning and execution, but most importantly, knowing your customers.

Launched McDonald's Vietnam's first restaurant serving over 21,000 people on an opening day.

Awarded  Best Consumer Launch by McDonald's Global

Awarded  Received The McDonald’s Circle of Excellence Award for the “Gift of Joy" Campaign.

McDonald's - Gift Of Joy

McDonald's - Gift Of Joy

Credit: McDonald's Vietnam

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